When a vehicle is stolen or totalled what does it really cost? Traditional insurance may not protect against financial disaster? Auto insurance only pays the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle.

As a vehicle ages, the ACV declines while the lease or loan balance may remain higher than the insurance company will pay. The consumer will be responsible for any monies due on the loan after the insurance company has made their settlement. This not only puts them in a tight financial situation but could also negatively affect their ability to purchase a new vehicle. GAP Protection is a unique program designed to protect them by covering what traditional auto insurance does not.

With Janus GAP Coverage we pay the difference so the consumer does not have to.

  • Day one coverage
  • Available on conventionally financed and leased vehicles
  • Covers the deductible up to $1,000
  • Protects financial well being

How GAP works:

Loan/Lease Payoff $20,000.00
Insurance Settlement (ACV) ($15,000.00)
Deductible $1,000.00
“GAP” $6,000.00
“GAP” Protection ($6,000.00)
Out of Pocket Expense $0.00

GAP and Total Loss Protection
GAP and Total Loss Protection

Commercial & Ride Share GAP

Did you know that commercial use vehicles are specifically excluded in the language of regular GAP policies??  Commercial use is defined as any vehicle that is utilized for commercial/business purposes including but not limited to:

1) Business name is displayed on the vehicle

2) The vehicle is used in furtherance of business or commercial purposes

3) The purchase, license, registration, or primary insurance is in a business or commercial name or covered under a commercial policy

4) The vehicle is used as part of a transportation network company such as Uber or Lyft

In today’s economy it’s very common for a person to use his/her daily driver vehicle to make a little extra cash by delivering some packages or providing some ride share services on evenings/weekends or advertising or even just putting their small business’s name and URL on the side of the car but all of these things would make the vehicle ineligible for regular GAP.  Even registering or insuring the vehicle under a company name for tax purposes will invalidate a regular GAP policy.  That’s why Janus Automotive Administrators offers Commercial/Ride Share GAP that protects vehicles in this category from the risks of owing thousands of dollars should a vehicle be totaled or stolen and not recovered.