The era of cumbersome approval procedures and conventional paperwork is over. The F&I office of today operates in a time of digitization, personalization, and efficiency. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Dennis Gingrich, Variable Operations Director at the Niello Company, joins us to update us on the current state of F&I.

The Niello Company, with stores in Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, and Sacramento, Califonia, is pleased to be customers’ first choice for brand-new luxury vehicles and high-quality auto repair, parts, and financing. Potential buyers can depend on the dealership’s knowledgeable staff to deliver top-notch service.

Key Takeaways:

1. Gingrich believes, “With rising client demand for how they wish to transact, traditional dealers must become more adaptable.”

2. He furthers that dealers need to be more versatile when handling technology and combining sales, all the while conducting themselves in a brave and law-abiding manner as customers desire. 

3. COVID compelled the industry to transition into the world of digital retailing. Still, the auto group has introduced NielloGO, an online purchasing process to meet the clients where they are. 

4. EVs are using more technology in the F&I business. This suggests that team members should further their education and ensure they have financial and insurance options that work with those automobiles.

5. Customers expect a smooth, individualized experience, so the solution lies in developing a seamless F&I process. To ensure everything is done correctly, dealerships must train their salespeople to start the process where the consumer left off and ensure they are satisfied before leaving. 

“I have spent eight years in the F&I product industry, so I know how to effectively navigate and appeal to customers and F&I managers for more successful EV sales.” – Dennis Gingrich

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