GAP Coverage

When a vehicle is stolen or totaled what does it really cost? Traditional insurance may not protect against financial disaster? Auto insurance only pays the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle. As a vehicle ages the ACV declines while the lease or loan balance may remain higher than the insurance company will pay. The consumer will be responsible for any monies due on the loan after the insurance company has made their settlement. This not only puts them in a tight financial situation but could also negatively affect their ability to purchase a new vehicle. GAP Protection is a unique program designed to protect them by covering what traditional auto insurance insurance does not.

With Janus GAP Coverage we pay the difference so the consumer does not have to.

How GAP Works:
Loan/Lease Payoff $20,000.00
Insurance Settlement (ACV) ($15,000.00)
Deductible $1,000.00
"GAP" $6,000.00
"GAP" Protection ($6,000.00)
Out of Pocket Expense $0.00
GAP Protection